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6 Games That Had Horrifically Bad Voice Acting


6 Games That Had Horrifically Bad Voice Acting

Zelda: Wand of Gamelon

The Legend of Zelda fans don’t really like to talk about those terrible Zelda CD-i games, like this one, Wand of Gamelon. They’re known for having ugly visuals, embarrassingly awkward voice acting, and repetitive gameplay.

The animated cutscenes in Wand of Gamelon are all voice acted, which was pretty neat for its time, but the scenes were all super short with only a few lines of nonsensical dialogue.

Link speaks like a 16-year-old surfer boy, Zelda’s voice is lacking any sense of urgency, and all of the side characters are just creepy as hell, but also slightly comedic.

Thankfully, The Legend of Zelda has decent voice work now, like in Breath of the Wild for example, but we still won’t forget how bad Wand of Gamelon’s voice acting was.

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