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7 Resident Evil 3 Remake Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

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7 Resident Evil 3 Remake Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Part of what makes Resident Evil 3’s story so compelling for fans of the series is that it takes place at roughly the same time as its predecessor. Even in the original, there were clever little nods to Resident Evil 2 that intertwined the events of Raccoon City’s demise.

But Capcom’s latest remake goes a step further, adding a bunch of fun easter eggs that tie into both RE2 and the wider series. Here we’ll go over several we found that we thought are worth explaining.

Live-Action Montage

Resident Evil 3 Remake Easter Eggs

Obviously not an easter egg that you’re likely to miss, though you may not have quite appreciated the significance of this live-action montage unless you’ve played the original Resident Evil.

The 1996 classic featured a live-action intro that scared many a school kid half to death (but definitely not the author of this article), though it is perhaps best remembered for its horrendously cheesy b-grade acting.

Up until now, Resident Evil was the first and last example of a live-action sequence to be featured in a mainline Resident Evil game. Thankfully, the standard of acting in this latest one is a hell of a lot more convincing.

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