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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Don Corneo Answers Guide

final fantasy 7 remake, don corneo answers

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Don Corneo Answers Guide

The newly released Final Fantasy 7 Remake from Square Enix is a fully-fledged re-imagining of the events of the original 1997 PS1 game. While this remake is only centered around the Midgar story arc, it fleshes out many of the events that happened there and adds some new content as well, and this includes Don Corneo. If you’re wondering how to deal with him in the main confrontation of chapter 9, here’s a Don Corneo answers guide to help you out.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Don Corneo Answers Guide

Once Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith manage to infiltrate Corneo’s mansion by posing as his bridal candidates, the trio will confront him to find out what he knows about Avalanche and Shinra’s plans with the eco-terrorism group. At the end of the confrontation, he will ask a question:

In what situation do villains choose to reveal all their plans to the heroes?

At this point, you’ll have three answers to choose from, and we’ve listed them down below:

  • “When they’re faced with certain death”: Corneo says this answer is wrong, and will pull the lever to send the party to the sewers.
  • “When they think they’ve already won”: Corneo says this answer is correct, and sends you to the sewers anyway.
  • “When they’ve lost their minds”: Corneo says you were close to being correct, and sends you to the sewers.

If you don’t make a decision within a few seconds, Corneo will say that time’s up, and then –you guessed it– send you straight down to the sewers.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you respond to Corneo as the outcome is still the same, with just some slight variation on what he says before you proceed with the story. This decision doesn’t seem to affect the rest of the game either, so you can just choose whatever you think would fit the situation best.

That does it for our Final Fantasy 7 Remake Don Corneo answers guide. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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