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Doom Eternal: How to Melee

Doom Eternal throw grenades

Doom Eternal: How to Melee

If you’re going to make it through Doom Eternal in one piece, you’re going to need to make good use of your entire arsenal of weapons and attacks. Melee attacks might sound way weaker than the plethora of insane weapons at your disposal, but they can be incredibly useful. Here’s how to melee in Doom Eternal.

How to Melee Attack in Doom Eternal

To melee in Doom Eternal, simply press R3. R3 is the ‘button’ you can access by pressing directly down on the right analog stick. As in, you’re pushing it into the controller until you hear a little click noise.

Pressing R3 will cause you to do a melee attack at all times. It can be useful for finishing off an enemy that’s already taken a bunch of bullets to the face.

Using melee attacks are most important when an enemy is flashing orange, though. When this happens, press R3 to melee and you’ll perform a Glory Kill in Doom Eternal.

Glory Kills give you all of the gore that you expect from a Doom game. You’ll be tearing demons limb from limb with your bare hands, resulting in an explosion of crimson and possibly demon appendages all over your screen. Delightful.

That’s all you need to know on how to melee in Doom Eternal. For more tips and tricks, head over to our Doom Eternal guide wiki. Alternatively, you can search for Twinfinite, or have a browse through more of our coverage on the game below.

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