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Doom Eternal: How to Do a Glory Kill

Doom Eternal, How to Perform Glory Kills

Doom Eternal: How to Do a Glory Kill

Glory Kills are the coup de grace of the Doom franchise, allowing you to finish off wounded enemies with the flair and overkill the series deserves. If Doom Eternal is your first foray into the latest leg of the series though, you may not know how to pull them off, so we’re here with a guide on how to do a Glory Kill in Doom Eternal.

How to Do a Glory Kill in Doom Eternal

Performing Glory Kills in Doom Eternal works much in the same way as it did in the prior installment in the series.

When you deal enough damage to an enemy, they’ll entered a staggered state. This will leave them open to taking damage from you, either in the form of a barrage of bullets or a hardy smack with the butt of your gun via a melee attack.

However, there are two distinct stagger states that enemies can be in. One is the standard stagger state, wherein they’ll flash blue. This is the state where you can pummel them from a distance while they try to regain their composure.

The other is the Glory Kill stagger state. You’ll know they’ve entered this state when they flash orange, and if you run up to them and press R3 or RS – on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, respectively – you’ll be able to perform a brutal execution on them.

We’ve included a screen shot of what this state looks like for your reference.

Most every enemy can have a Glory Kill executed against them, and so long as you aren’t putting yourself in danger by trying to execute one, they’re usually your best bet at eliminating an enemy quickly and efficiently.

Time needed: 1 minute.

So, to recap how to perform Glory Kills in Doom Eternal:

  1. Damage an enemy until they enter a stagger state

    You’ll know they’re in said state when they flash blue or orange.

  2. Wait for the enemy to flash orange while in a stagger state

    This will mean they’re vulnerable to a Glory Kill.

  3. Run up to the enemy and press R3 on PlayStation 4 or RS on Xbox One

    Doing so will trigger the Glory Kill, and kill the enemy instantly.

That covers everything there is to know about how to do a Glory Kill in Doom Eternal. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki, which covers plenty of useful topics like what the preload and unlock times are.

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