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FFXIV: Ruby Weapon Cinder Drift Trial Guide

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FFXIV: Ruby Weapon Cinder Drift Trial Guide

This week saw the release of patch 5.2 for Final Fantasy XIV, and it brings the continuation of the main story, the Eden raid series, the YoRHa story, as well as a brand new trial. Here’s how to clear the Ruby Weapon Cinder Drift Trial in FFXIV.

Ruby Weapon Cinder Drift Trial in FFXIV

As the name suggests, the boss you’ll be facing in this Trial is none other than Ruby Weapon from Final Fantasy VII. Here are all the moves and mechanics you need to be aware of:

  • Stamp: Tank buster. Use cooldowns and heal through as necessary.
  • Optimized Ultima: Group-wide attack. Heal through as necessary.
  • Flexiclaw: Ruby Weapon’s claws burrow underground and slowly extend out. Circular AoE attack on Ruby Weapon’s hit box. Avoid the claws as they extend out, but once the attack is done, stand on top of any of the tentacles.
  • Ravensclaw: Circular AoEs spawn all over the arena. Dodge as necessary.
  • Liquefaction: The ground turns to quicksand, instantly killing anyone standing on it. Stand on one of the tentacles from Ruby Weapon’s Flexiclaw attack.
  • Ruby Ray: A red orb spawns at Ruby Weapon’s mouth. Avoid standing in front of the boss to dodge the attack.
  • Flexiclaw (second attack): The second Flexiclaw attack will have the boss digging its claws underground, and they’ll fan out across the arena in a pattern. You’ll see the pattern on the ground, and large circular AoEs will spawn in that pattern. Dodge as necessary.
  • High-powered Homing Lasers: Two players get tagged with orange stack markers. Stand apart, and the rest of the party needs to split themselves up to stack with each player to share the damage.
  • Ravensflight: Ruby Weapon goes to a corner of the arena and a series of directional arrows appear on the ground, indicating which direction the boss will zoom towards next. Dodge as necessary by sticking close to its back.
  • Ruby Dynamics: Large room-wide AoE. The only safe space is in Ruby Weapon’s hit box. All players get tagged with pink damage markers. Spread out to avoid overlapping damage.

Phase 2

Once you hit this phase, you get a checkpoint. Even if the party wipes, you’ll start the fight from phase 2.

  • Negative Personae: Spawns two Raven’s Image adds. Tanks need to take one add each, and pull them apart. Focus on burning down one add, then move on to the next one. During this add phase, all four DPS players will get tagged with damage markers. Spread out to avoid overlapping damage, heal through as necessary.
  • Magitek Comet: Four impact attack markers spawn on the arena. Move to the edge to minimize damage taken. After the comets land, immediately hide behind one of the rocks to avoid damage.
  • Mark II Magitek Comet: Four directional arrows appear on the ground. Four players need to follow each arrow, which eventually leads them to a comet. Ideally, have both tanks and two DPS players grab the comets so that healers can focus on keeping the party alive. Once engaged with a comet, the players cannot take any action, and the rest of the party needs to burn down the comets as soon as possible.
  • Outrage: Group-wide attack. Heal through as necessary.
  • Meteor Stream: All DPS players get tagged with blue damage markers. Spread out to avoid overlapping damage.

As Ruby Weapon approaches 20% HP, it’ll repeatedly cast Outrage and Meteor Stream, making this an extremely intensive heal check, so healers need to be ready with group-wide healing spells to keep the party alive until the fight ends.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Ruby Weapon in the FFXIV Cinder Drift Trial. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. We’ve also got guides for Eden’s Verse and the new Anamnesis Anyder dungeon.

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