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Dreams PS4 Trophy List

Dreams trophy list ps4

Dreams PS4 Trophy List

Media Molecule has finally released its latest title, Dreams, on PS4. Giving players a massive set of tools to sculpt and stretch levels to their heart’s content, Dreams is the perfect place for creatives to show off their ideas. On top of that, there’s also an Art’s Dreams mode, which acts as a single-player story for players to work through. Here’s the complete Dreams trophy list for those platinum hunters out there.

Dreams Trophy List

There are 39 trophies up for grabs in Dreams. 22 Bronze, 12 Silver, four Gold, and one Platinum trophy. You can see them all down below.

Trophy NameDescriptionTrophy Rarity
Trophy HunterCollect all bronze, silver, and gold trophiesPlatinum
Set the Scene & Brave the ElementsComplete the imp quest for your first time creatingBronze
Come Aboard!Complete all of the introductory imp questsBronze
Creative Thinker – Ancient Temple ThemeComplete the Ancient Temple creative imp questBronze
Creative Thinker – Welcome Home ThemeComplete the Welcome Home creative imp questBronze
Mastering the ClassesComplete three masterclassesBronze
Return to SenderRemix another dreamer’s creation and send them the resultBronze
Nice to Meet YouFollow a creator you admireBronze
Apprentice!Complete five tutorialsBronze
Home Sweet HomeSpend 30 minutes decorating your homespaceSilver
Just Dropping InRevisit the Dream Queen’s Homespace – her profile is MmDreamQueenBronze
Hi Five!Reach dreamer level 5Bronze
AccessoriseReach dreamer level 20Silver
Blowin’ Up!Reach dreamer level 30Gold
My First Creation!Release your first ever creation to the DreamiverseSilver
The Thornbeak!Meet your enemyBronze
Get out of My Dream!Why are you here Thornbeak?Bronze
Take Back ControlStop the train!Bronze
Find a FriendFind ELE-DBronze
Level UpLevel up Frances and FoxySilver
Connecting with Old FriendsMeet Laila at the cabinSilver
The Hardest PartsComplete the ConvergenceSilver
Thank You for PlayingComplete Art’s DreamGold
Pop all the Bubbles!Collect all the prize bubbles in Art’s DreamGold
Sassy KittyMax out the sassyness on a characterBronze
Kit Collage!Build a scene using elements from 20 different creatorsBronze
All the Tools Are MineUse every tool in create modeSilver
Make Yourself PresentableCustomize your profile pageBronze
Every Tool in the BoxUse every tool in create mode, plus the customization tools on your profile and creation cover pagesGold
Stamp CollectorReach rank 3 or higher in the Stamp Collector imp questBronze
PotterReach rank 3 or higher in the Potter imp questBronze
Making Some NoiseReach rank 3 or higher in the Making Some Noise imp questSilver
Bravo!Reach rank 3 or higher in the Bravo imp questSilver
I Have An Idea!Reach rank 3 or higher in the I Have an Idea imp questSilver
Set Them FreeReach rank 3 or higher in the Set Them Free imp questSilver
Lining Up the FunReach rank 3 or higher in the Lining up the Fun imp questBronze
Music for All EarsReach rank 3 or higher in the Music for All Ears imp questBronze
Home Visit!Reach rank 3 or higher in the Home Visit imp questBronze
PuppeteerReach rank 3 or higher in the Puppeteer imp questSilver

As you can see, a lot of the trophy list is fairly straightforward and won’t take you a whole lot of time to complete. Collecting all the prize bubbles in Art’s Story looks to be the most time-consuming, especially for those who don’t like searching for collectibles.

There you have the full Dreams PS4 trophy list. Dreams is available now to all who signed up for the early access version of the game. The official release date is Friday, Feb. 14. You can check out more of our guides on the game below.

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