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Best New Sims 4 Mods of January 2020


Best New Sims 4 Mods of January 2020

Chic Bathroom Custom Stuff Pack

New Sims 4 Mods January 2020

best new sims 4 mods January 2020

This stuff pack mod is so professional looking, it’s crazy that a fan at home made it and not EA and it’s by far the most impressive new sims 4 mod for January 2020 that we experienced.

The custom content Chic Bathroom stuff pack comes with a ton of new decor for your sim’s bathrooms. The pieces are described as having a “…modern design but also versatility”.

It comes with 45 items in total, with five of those items requiring expansion and stuff packs like University, Laundry Day, and Seasons to function.

All objects have a diffuse, specular, and normal map guaranteed, and there are even some special items like a mirror with hidden smart functionality.

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