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Temtem Ganki: How to Catch, Evolve, & More

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Temtem Ganki: How to Catch, Evolve, & More

This week saw the release of Temtem, a new Pokemon-inspired MMORPG developed by CremaGames and published by Humble Bundle. While it’s still in its Early Access phase, there are already a ton of different creature you can catch and add to your team. Here’s how to catch and evolve Ganki in Temtem, along with some more typing information you might want to know about.

Everything You Need to Know About Ganki in Temtem

It’s no Pikachu, but Ganki is a pretty cute-looking Electric and Wind-type hybrid creature you can catch in Temtem. It can also be captured pretty early on in the game, while you’re still on the first island.

Where to Catch Ganki

Ganki is an early game Temtem that you can find on the first island, and all you need is a Temcard to catch it in battle. As always, it’d be better to weaken it till its health bar is red, or even inflict a status ailment before attempting the capture.

Listed below are the known locations where you can catch it:

  • Thalassian Cliffs
  • Gifted Bridge
  • Windward Fort

How to Evolve

Like most other creatures in the game, Ganki needs to level up a certain number of times in order to evolve into its second form, Gazuma. In this case, it’ll need to level up 27 times to reach its second and (currently) final form.

As an Electric and Wind-type hybrid, Ganki is a pretty nice creature to have in your lineup. However, this means that you also need to be aware of its elemental strengths and weaknesses.

In the case of Ganki, it’ll take double damage from any Nature or Crystal-type Temtem, and one-quarter damage from Wind-types. It should be able to hold its own well enough against the rest of the types.

That’s all you need to know about how to catch and evolve Ganki in Temtem. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. We’ve also got guides on how to restore health, stamina, and catch creatures.

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