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Temtem: How to Catch Temtems

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Temtem: How to Catch Temtems

Developed by CremaGames and published by Humble Bundle, Temtem is a Pokemon-inspired MMORPG that’s just been released on Steam Early Access, and it’s looking pretty good so far. As a game that’s clearly drawing a lot of inspiration from Pokemon, you can expect there to be some sort of monster-catching mechanic. Here’s how to catch Temtems in Temtem.

Catchimg Temtems

First things first, before you can even think about catching any new critters for your team, you need an item called a Temcard. These are basically Poke Balls, and they can be used to catch any wild creatures you find wandering in the tall grass.

Similar to Pokemon, it’s advised that you try to weaken the creature as much as possible, and get their health bar down to the red zone. Inflicting them with ailments like sleep or poison will also increase your chances of getting a successful capture.

In the battle screen, just choose the Bag icon in the bottom right corner of the menu, select the Temcard, then select the Temtem you want to try to capture. Once successful, you’ll get the option to rename it, release it into the wild, or send it to your squad.

And just like in the Pokemon games, you can only hold up to six creatures in your lineup. If you want to change things up, you need to access the computer terminal at a Temporium or HealTem station and edit your squad.

In addition to that, you are also not allowed to catch Temtems that are already owned by other Tamers.

If you ever run out of Temcards, they can be purchased at the counter at Temporiums and HealTem stations.

To recap, here’s how to catch Temtems in Temtem:

  1. Get Temcards, which can be bought from Temporiums or HealTem stations.

  2. Weaken a Temtem till it’s down to the red zone in its health bar, and try to afflict it with a status ailment.

  3. Access your backpack and choose the Temcard to initiate the capture.

That’s all you need to know about how to catch Temtems. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. We’ve got guides on how to restore health, stamina, and how to use gestures and emotes.

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