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Temtem: How to Get Exp Share (Coward’s Cloak)

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Temtem: How to Get Exp Share (Coward’s Cloak)

Developed by CremaGames and published by Humble Bundle, Temtem is a brand new Pokemon-inspired MMORPG recently released on Discord and Steam Early Access. It’s also quite a bit harder than the Pokemon games, and you’ll probably need to grind a little and level up your team to keep up with the challenges. Here’s how to get the Coward’s Cloak exp share item in Temtem.

How to Get Exp Share (Coward’s Cloak) in Temtem

In the more recent Pokemon games, the exp share function allows your entire Pokemon team to gain experience, even if they didn’t directly participate in battle. This can make the game feel a little easy, and Temtem has a similar function as well. However, it’s not quite as forgiving as Pokemon’s exp share.

In Temtem, you can get an item called the Coward’s Cloak, which can be equipped on one of your Tems so that they get a bit of experience as well without participating in battle.

The main difference here is that it can only be used on one creature at a time, so there’s still a need to grind if you want to level your whole party evenly.

To get the Coward’s Cloak, you’ll first need to reach the Windward Fort just past the Gifted Bridges on the first island. You’ll also need to have acquired the Surfboard, which is obtained from clearing the Arissola dojo. On the bottom floor, get on your Surfboard and head into the water, then go west.

In the next screen, you’ll reach the Sillaro River. Head left at the fork and follow the path past all the Tamers.

Follow the path to the central island where you’ll find a chest containing the Coward’s Cloak.

Now that you have it, all you have to do is equip it on one of your Tems from the party screen and you’re all set.

To recap, here’s how to get the Coward’s Cloak exp share item in Temtem:

  1. Get the Surfboard by clearing the Arissola dojo.

  2. Head to the bottom floor of the Windward Fort and use the Surfboard to get into the water.

  3. Head west towards the Sillaro River, turn left at the first fork, then go to the central small island.

  4. Open the chest here to claim your prize.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Coward’s Cloak exp share item in Temtem. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. We’ve also got guides on how to restore health, stamina, and catch creatures.

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