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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Level Up Fast

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: How to Level Up Fast

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is the biggest RPG the series has ever seen, and with that comes a bunch of complex systems to buff up Goku and his pals. The core of all that is the leveling system, with your character’s stats and HP increasing as they level. Of course, you’ll be looking to know how to level up fast in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, so we’re here to help with that.

How to Level Up Fast in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The levelling system of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot works similarly to other RPGs, with you racking up experience points and each level boosting your character’s overall stats and HP.

The game liberally rewards you with XP through the main story, and without a doubt that’s the easiest way to level up. The main story battles reward you with a ton of XP, easily boosting you 4-5 levels at times. However, if you’re looking to raise your level outside of that, there are a few different ways we’ll go over.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Here’s are some tips for leveling.

  1. Complete Sub-Stories to quickly raise your level.

    Sub-Stories appear as blue exclamation points on the map, and each one will reward you with a substantial amount of XP for at least one level, and usually more.

  2. Fight Villanous Enemies roaming the world.

    Villainous enemies are more powerful than regular ones, and they’re marked by a red crown on the minimap. If you can beat them, you’ll get a decent XP reward, among other things.

  3. Eat meals to get a short XP boost.

    Some of the meals you can make, like Sugary and Artsy cupcakes, will give you an XP boost for a limited amount of time, meaning you can do other activities at a boosted rate.

  4. Improve your training Community Board

    If you really want to maximize your XP gain, you’ll want to invest in the Training community board and slot Soul Emblems onto it. As you raise the rank of the board you’ll get more XP from battles, helping you level faster.

Hopefully that gives you some idea of how to level up fast in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. For even more help, make sure to check out our Dragon Ball Z Kakarot guide wiki or search Twinfinite.

We also have an interview with the game’s producer, if you’d like to learn more.

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