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9 Incredible Franchises That Were Born This Decade

best new video game franchises of the decade

9 Incredible Franchises That Were Born This Decade


10 Best New Video Game Franchises of the Decade

Nintendo rarely creates new franchises but with the Wii U, Splatoon was one of the big headliners that showed off the creative chops of the Japanese gaming giant. The game gave players a kid-friendly multiplayer shooter experience that was such a unique title and still is in 2019.

Nintendo would release a sequel to Splatoon in 2017 with Splatoon 2 for the Switch and this was when the franchise really grew into its own thing. Monthly Splatfests brought players back into the fold by making them fight about whether pancakes were better than waffles and even pitting cake against ice cream.

The simple premise of spreading your team’s paint over the map was brilliant and the wacky characters, catchy music, and the vast customization options has made this a premier franchise for Nintendo. Now, where’s Splatoon 3 at Nintendo?

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