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The Most Game-Changing Pokemon Features From Each Generation


The Most Game-Changing Pokemon Features From Each Generation

The Pokemon franchise has been around since 1996, and it has evolved in a number of ways over the years. Each mainline title brought new features that slowly came together to form the games that fans enjoy today.

It’s no secret that the first generation is loved by many, including Game Freak themselves. However, it had more than a few areas that could be improved upon gameplay-wise. Unbalanced types and a 20 item bag limit are things fans may have forgotten about.

These issues and more would eventually be addressed in gens II-VII. So, without further ado, here are the best new gameplay changes from each generation of Pokemon.

Generation II
(Gold/Silver/Crystal) – Pokemon Breeding

Pokemon breeding is one of, if not, the biggest new feature to be added in a Pokemon game after gen I. Breeding allows players to obtain a Pokemon egg after leaving two others in either a Day Care or Nursery.

Not all Pokemon are compatible, but there are a few surprising pairs out there. Through some biological miracle, even a pairing like Muk and Chandelure will produce an egg.

Breeding changed things for both casual and hardcore players. It became a relatively simple way to obtain plenty of the same Pokemon, or hatch a Pokemon with desired optimal stats and moves.

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