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Gigantamax Pikachu, Eevee, & More Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Gigantamax Pikachu, Eevee, & More Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have revealed several new Gigantamax forms for the upcoming pair of Switch RPG’s, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

The first new form showed in the new trailer is a chubby version of Pikachu that knows a new move called G-Max Volt Crash. It paralyzes all opponents on the field and you can only receive the Pikachu by using play records from Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu.

The second new Pokemon form showed is Gigantamax Eevee, which knows a new moved called G-Max Cuddle. This move infatuates any other Pokemon on the field that are of the opposite sex.

Again, this form of Eevee can only be obtained if you have a save file on your Switch from Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee.

Another Pokemon shown was Gigantamax Charizard, which knows the move, G-Max Wildfire, which causes all non-fire types to take continuous damage for a total of four turns.

We also see a Gigantamax form of Butterfree and it knows the move, G-Max Befuddle, and it causes poison, paralysis or sleep.

If you purchase Pokemon Sword and Shield early, you can obtain a special Meowth until Jan. 15, 2020, and it knows the move G-Max Gold Rush, which confuses all targets and earns you in-game cash.

You can watch the trailer in its entirety down below:

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15,

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