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Shenmue 3: How to Open Map

Shenmue 3, How to Open Map

Shenmue 3: How to Open Map

A big part of Shenmue 3‘s gameplay is exploring its world to find characters and secrets, but as a result, it can be easy to get turned around with no clue of where you are. That’s why we’re here to minimize the chances of that happening with a guide on how to open the map in Shenmue 3.

How to Open the Map in Shenmue 3

At almost any time that you’re playing Shenmue 3, you’ll have the option to view the map of your current area by looking at it via your journal.

To do so, press the Square button to open up Ryu’s journal. Then, cycle through it with the Up or Down Directional buttons on the D-Pad. This will cycle you to the Map option, which you can then enter to view a map of your current area.

Again, just to recap how to open the map in Shenmue 3:

  1. Press the Square Button

    This will open Ryu’s journal.

  2. Cycle through the menus with the Up and Down Directional Buttons on the D-Pad

    Doing so will allow you to cycle to the Map option.

  3. Select the Map option

    This will open up a map of your current area.

Can You View Your Current Location on the Map?

However, it’s worth noting that Shenmue 3’s map isn’t a sure-fire way to get your bearings.

As with past entries in the series, the map doesn’t show your current location. Instead, it’s like an actual map, showing you points of interest which can guide you based on what you see for yourself.

To that end, it’s best used when you’re either trying to learn an area’s layout or when you’re trying to figure out where you are after memorizing some landmarks.

That should cover everything there is to know about how to open the map in Shenmue 3. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki, which contains plenty of useful guides on topics like whether the game is open world and where you can find the four kids playing hide and seek.

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