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Shenmue 3: Where to Find the Four Kids (Hide and Seek)

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Shenmue 3: Where to Find the Four Kids (Hide and Seek)

Shenmue 3 continues the journey of Ryo Hazuki, this time taking him to the quaint Chinese village of Bailu. Like in past games, Ryo will have to interact and often help out the villagers. Of course, that includes playing with the kids. So, here’s where to find the four kids (hide and seek) in Shenmue 3.

Where to Find the Four Kids (Hide and Seek) in Shenmue 3

As you’re on the search for the thugs roughing up the stonemasons of Bailu, you’ll eventually have to head to Sunflower Grove. There four children will stop Ryo, and demand that he plays hide and seek.

You only have four hours to find all the children so make sure you focus on that, and don’t do anything else. While you can ask the nearby villagers for hints, why do that when we can just tell you.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here’s a step by step walkthrough of how to find the hide and seek kids in Shenmue 3.

  1. From the place you start, head into the Sunflower patch and go all the way to the right. The first kid will be at the end of the path that goes furthest right.

  2. Exit the patch and go to the leftmost house. There are two carts on the left side of the house, look behind them to find the second kid.

  3. Now to two houses over and find the house with an old woman sitting on the porch. There’s a ladder leaning against the house, so just look at the top of the ladder and you’ll see the third one.

  4. For the final kid turn around and run past the martial artist wearing purple. Go down the hill and look for an abandoned house with statues outside on your right. Simply enter the house and you’ll find the fourth kid.

Now you can continue the story and you’ll even get the “Babysitter” trophy as an extra bonus.

For more tips and walkthrough makes sure to check out our Shenmue 3 guide wiki. There you’ll find useful info, like how to get the herb map.

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