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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Jangmo-o

pokemon sword and shield jangmo-o

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Jangmo-o

Each and every Pokemon generation, millions of trainers take on the challenge of completing their Pokedex, and catching ’em all. With the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, things are no different, and as always, we have a couple of particularly tricky creatures to catch. Here’s how to get Jangmo-o in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword Jangmo-o Location

Jangmo-o can only be caught in the wild in Pokemon Sword, as it is exclusive to the game.

To catch Jangmo-o, you’ll need to go to the Lake of Outrage. This can be found just west of the Hammerlocke Hills Flying Taxi point in the Wild Area.

pokemon sword jangmo-o location

Jangmo-o has a 5% chance of spawning in the grass when it’s overcast, and 5% chance when there’s intense sun. This makes it a pretty rare Pokemon, so you’ll need to be patient when searching through the long grass.

Getting Jangmo-o in Pokemon Shield

As you might have guessed, Jangmo-o is exclusive to Pokemon Sword and cannot be found out in the wild in Pokemon Shield. If you want to get this Pokemon, you have two options, one of which depends on whether or not you got the Double Pack of Sword and Shield.

If you did, you can use the Jangmo-o Dynamax Crystal code you get as a bonus in the Double Pack to spawn a Dynamax Jangmo-o in Pokemon Shield that can be caught. It does have to be used at the Ghost Watchtower, however, which is over to the left of the Meeting Point spawn in the first Wild Area.

This is done by redeeming the code via Mystery Gift, which can be accessed from the menu by pressing X.

If you didn’t get the Double Pack, you’ll need to trade with a Pokemon Sword owner to get yourself a Jangmo-o. We suggest offering them Larvitar in return, as that’s one Pokemon Shield-exclusive creature they’ll likely be after.

Evolving Jangmo-o

Jangmo-o evolves into Hakamo-o at level 35. Once your Hakamo-o reaches level 45, it will evolve into Kommo-o, the power Dragon/Fighting type Pokemon.

For more tips and tricks, head over to our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide wiki.

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