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Jedi Fallen Order: How to Raise Spire of Miktrull

star wars fallen order miktrul tomb spire puzzle

Jedi Fallen Order: How to Raise Spire of Miktrull

About halfway through your adventure in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you’re going to come across the Miktrull Tomb Spire Puzzle. This essentially requires you to raise the spire in the middle of a room with water all over the place. Here’s how to solve the Miktrull Tomb spire puzzle in Jedi Fallen Order.

How to Raise Spire of Miktrull in Jedi Fallen Order

First things first, it’s worth just clearing up exactly which room we mean. It’s this one on your map.

how to raise spire of miktrull in jedi fallen order

Once you’ve acquired the Force Pull ability from the Tomb of Miktrull, return to this room to solve the spire puzzle.

1. Using the Cable to Raise the Spire

First, use Force Pull to grab the cable and pull up the center structure. This can be found on the first level of this room. Attach it to the holster just next to the large block that can be moved around with either Force Push or Force Pull.

how to raise spire of miktrull in jedi fallen order

2. Burning the Vines to Free the Chain

Problem is, this cable will only raise the spire so far. To raise it right to the top, you’ll need to get rid of all of the vines that are on the metal chain just next to this cable.

Use the vines on the right of this room (seen in the screenshot above) to climb to the slightly higher level. Before you do, though, use the button close to the cable that we just attached to the holster to turn on the magnet wall just opposite the large block.

Now that the magnet is on, you should see a blue glow from the wall. Now it’s simply a case of grabbing one of the flaming orbs from this raised level with Force Pull (LT) and then using Force Push (RT) to throw it into the radius of the magnet wall.

how to raise spire of miktrull in jedi fallen order

This will stop the fire orb from hitting the water on the floor and going out. You also can’t throw it directly at the vines on the chain, because there’s a waterfall blocking your throw. If the orb touches any water in the room, it’ll automatically be extinguished and you’ll need to go back and get another.

With the fire orb safely attached to the magnet wall. Climb back down from this raised level, and highlight the orb again. Use Force Pull to move it over towards the viney chain and use Force Push to set them alight.

how to raise spire of miktrull in jedi fallen order

3. Putting the Sphere Into Place

After burning the vines, the large sphere hanging above you in the room will drop to the floor. Push it onto the switch below and you’ll have successfully raised the Spire of Miktrull.

That’s everything you need to know to raise the Spire of Miktrull in Jedi Fallen Order. Head over to our guide wiki for more tips and tricks, search for Twinfinite, or check out more guides below.

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