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Jedi Fallen Order: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

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Jedi Fallen Order: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Learn to Parry Quickly

Jedi Fallen Order can be a demanding game, as it throws lots of groups of enemies and tough bosses at you. Because of this, it’s absolutely essential that you learn how to properly parry early on.

Parrying can be done by pressing the block button (LB, L1) just before an enemy’s attack or blaster shot lands on you. It’s not hard in concept, but you’ll need to work a bit in order to get the proper timing down.

As you’re swarmed by Stormtroopers you’ll want to parry an attack, or knock a blaster shot back to take our ranged troopers. Practice parrying early on and make sure you use it throughout the entire game.

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