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Jedi Fallen Order: How to Beat Second Sister Trilla (Final Boss Battle)


Jedi Fallen Order: How to Beat Second Sister Trilla (Final Boss Battle)

At numerous times throughout Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s story, Cal and Second Sister will come face-to-face. They’ll have a few clashes of lightsabers, but something will always break up the party and Cal will manage to get away. That is, until the end when Second Sister (Trilla) has the Holocron herself. Here’s how to beat Second Sister in Jedi Fallen Order’s final boss battle.

Beating Second Sister in Jedi Fallen Order

Trilla will use a lot of the same moves and combos that you’ve already seen in your previous skirmishes with her, but she’s just as unforgiving and relentless if she spots a gap in your defenses.

The best way we found to start off this fight and give yourself a quick upper-hand is to use your Force Slow as soon as possible. Quickly evade around the side of Second Sister and then use your dual-lightsabers (LB + X/ L1 + Square) to deal a good chunk of damage. Force Slow is incredibly useful in the Second Sister boss fight, but more on that later.

star wars jedi fallen order second sister, star wars jedi fallen order trilla

The main attack Second Sister will try to pull off his her massive lightsaber combo. Just block or evade this and wait for her to glow red and pull off an unblockable attack.

These are the moments you’re waiting for to attack. As soon as she’s finished one of these moves, evade towards her and quickly get a two to three lightsaber strikes on her.

Alternatively, use Force Slow once again to land an overhead strike (Y/ Triangle) or use your dual-lightsaber attack again. Keep in mind, however, that Trilla will evade as soon as she’s been hit once during Force Slow, so don’t try and get any more hits in.

Star Wars Fallen Order Second Sister Trilla Phase Two

After you’ve chipped Trilla down to half health, she’ll add some new attacks into her rotation. The first is a shockwave AOE attack. Trilla will do a backflip on the spot before slamming her hand into the ground.

Star Wars jedi Fallen order final boss fight

You’ll need to learn her tell for this move, as otherwise it’ll deal a bunch of damage, and knock you back making you a sitting duck for Second Sister’s lightsaber combo.

There’s a chance that Trilla might also summon a Probe Droid that’ll just ping you with blaster fire. If she does do this, ignore the droid for the most part and just focus on blocking Second Sister’s attacks. If you try and take care of the droid, Second Sister will get close and deal a bunch of damage.

The best way to actually deal with this is to use Force Pull on the Probe Droid and then Force Push to send it back towards Trilla. This will deal a good chunk of damage.

The most devastating attack that Second Sister will use in this second phase, however, is her Force Drain. You’ll know when she’s gearing up to do this, as she’ll put her lightsaber away and glow red for an unblockable attack.

Don’t evade now, wait until she’s charging towards you. Do it too early, and Trilla will still dash towards you and begin draining your health before flinging you back dealing even more damage.

star wars jedi fallen order trilla final boss fight

Once you’ve got Trilla down to a third of her health, you’ll have to complete a quick-time event as she and Cal clash lightsabers.

Outside of that, there’s not a whole lot else you need to know to take down Trilla in Fallen Order’s final boss battle. Take your time, pick your moments to get attacks in when she’s vulnerable after a big combo or unblockable attack, and make sure you’re keeping an eye on your health bar.

Jedi Master and Grand Master Difficulty Exclusive Moves to Look Out For

If you’re playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on either the Jedi Master or Jedi Grand Master difficulty, it’s worth pointing out that Trilla will throw her lightsaber at you multiple times.

You’ll need to be prepared to parry multiple times in a row, otherwise, she’ll drain your stamina gauge, or worse, deal damage.

Eventually, you’ll get the final blow in on Trilla and a cutscene will play. Congratulations, you’ve beaten the final boss and now just need to escape to the Mantis.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Second Sister in Jedi Fallen Order. Head to our guide wiki for more tips, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our guides below.

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