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Death Stranding: Is it PS4 Pro Enhanced? Answered

Death Stranding, Is it PS4 Pro Enhanced? Answered

Death Stranding: Is it PS4 Pro Enhanced? Answered

Hideo Kojima’s new game has finally been released upon the world, and given its cinematic appeal, you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering if Death Stranding is PS4 Pro enhanced. Fortunately, we’ve got an answer for you.

Is Death Stranding PS4 Pro Enhanced? Answered

To cut right to the chase, yes: Death Stranding is in fact PS4 Pro Enhanced. The game is optimized to run at 4K and with HDR support, making it a title that can and will benefit from being played on the stronger variant of Sony’s console.

It’s by no means a gate between those who own an original PS4 – the game will still run plenty well on standard console units as well – but it does enhance the experience for those who wish to play the game with as much fluid graphical fidelity as possible.

As such, PS4 Pro owners will be satisfied with their investment in the stronger console, seeing Kojima’s latest brain child unfold before them with all of its many cutscenes, absurd gameplay moments and eclectic character interactions polished to a graphical sheen.

And that’s all there is to it really. There aren’t any hoops to jump through or excessive performance issues to make note of – or at least, there aren’t at the time of this article’s writing – and you should have everything you’d need to know about before making a call on which version of the PS4 to play Death Stranding on.

Is Death Stranding PS4 Pro Enhanced?

Yes. The game is enhanced to run at 4K with HDR support on the stronger version of the PS4.

Hopefully this cleared up whether Death Stranding is PS4 Pro Enhanced or not. The game is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4, with plans to release on PC in Summer of 2020.

For more on all things Death Stranding, be sure to check out our guide wiki for tips, tricks and info on the title’s unique gameplay. Likewise, check out some of the game’s myriad trailers, including it’s surprisingly lengthy launch trailer.

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