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Death Stranding: How to Keep Pizza Flat

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Death Stranding: How to Keep Pizza Flat

Hideo Kojima certainly isn’t shying away from the fact that Death Stranding really is a game about being an errand boy. He’s even included a few very tongues in cheek side-quests that actually have you delivering pizza! This precious cargo is, of course, deadly serious and can’t just be flung around any which way. No, the precious pizza must be kept flat at all times to ensure the recipient’s satisfaction. Here’s how to keep pizza flat in Death Stranding.

How to Keep Pizza Flat in Death Stranding

So Bridges has tasked you with delivering pizza and asked you to ensure you keep it flat. Why? Because otherwise the pizza will take damage over time, eventually ruining its delicious flavors and ensuring poor old Sam gets absolutely no likes for his hard work… which would be a shame. This is important work, he’s doing out here, guys!

So how does one go about ensuring said pizza is kept flat? Well, quite literally by doing exactly that — make sure when you equip the pizza cargo at the loadout screen that whatever method you’re using –Sam’s back, a floating carrier, a MULE truck, Reverse Trike, etc– that it’s kept flat.

Obviously, you won’t be able to attach the cargo to Sam’s suit.

Where some players are perhaps likely to go wrong is when they’re using the auto-arrange function. This is a big no-no when delivering pizza as it may arrange your cargo vertically in the process of optimizing Sam’s balance.

Your best bet is to use either a floating carrier, MULE truck, or Reverse Trike. If you have to pack it on Sam’s back then make sure you’re also carrying some large cargo it can sit atop of.

That should be everything you need to know about how to keep pizza flat in Death Stranding. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out our extensive guide wiki.

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