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Death Stranding: How to Restart Order Missions

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Death Stranding: How to Restart Order Missions

Despite having been made by the creator of Metal Gear Solid, Death Stranding isn’t the same sort of action-packed experience. That said, much of how its segmented mission structure has been designed is actually reminiscent of MGSV. Here’s how to restart order missions in Death Stranding.

How to Restart Order Missions in Death Stranding

The bulk of gameplay in Death Stranding deals with Sam being a porter, or a courier, that delivers packages around the ravaged country.

As you trek across the countryside thing can get a bit difficult, and it’s quite possible you’ll drop and destroy all those precious packages you’re carrying. In those cases, you’ll want to restart it.

While you won’t be able to reload and start over, you can redeploy the cargo, which is essentially the same thing.

To do this first open your Cuffs menu using the Options button, then press left on the D-Pad to bring up Orders. From there select the order you want to redeploy and then simply press X to do so.

If you want, you can also choose to totally cancel the Order from this menu as well.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here’s a quick summary of how to restart missions in Death Stranding.

  1. Press the Options button to bring up Sam’s Cuffs menu.

  2. Press left on the D-pad to switch over to the Order menu.

  3. Select the Order you want, then press X to redeploy it.

Hopefully, that gives you everything you need to know about how to restart missions in Death Stranding.

If you need more help or tips, make sure to check out our Death Stranding guide wiki. Here are a few other guides you might want to look at.

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