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Outer Worlds: How to Get All Companions

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Outer Worlds: How to Get All Companions

The Outer Worlds takes you on a space-faring trip around the Halcyon Colony, but you don’t have to go it alone. The game has a number of companions you can bring along for the ride, so you’ll probably be wondering how to get all companions in Outer Worlds.

How to Get All Companions in Outer Worlds

There are six companions you can get in Outer Worlds, although you’ll only be able to bring two along at any given time.


Parvati is the first companion that’ll join your crew, and because of that she’s the easiest to get. As you’re playing through the main missions on Terra 2, at the start of the game, you’ll encounter her when following the Comes Now the Power quest.

Simply choose the option of having her follow you when prompted, and she’ll be your permanent companion, unless you ask her to leave, of course.

Vicar Max

Vicar Max can also be found on Terra 2, but unlike Parvati he takes a little bit of work in order to follow you. Talk to Max in the church at Edgewater and he’ll give you a quest called Illuminated Manuscript.

Head to the Collector’s House, take out the marauders, and check the terminal inside. Now head to the cave you get a marker at, blow up the mines, pick up the book, and go back to Max.

Choose the dialogue options to have him join, then once you return to your ship make will come aboard your crew.


When you first arrive on the Groundbreaker you’ll see Felix talking to a guard at the docks. Talk to him and let him know that the Unreliable is your ship.

When you’ve completed your business (the main quest) on the Groundbreaker, head back and you’ll see Felix standing just outside your ship. Talk to him and select the options to let him join your crew.


On the Groundbreaker, head to the promenade area and the clinic on the West side of the map. You’ll see Ellie talking to one of the doctors, so join the conversation and undertake Ellie’s quest, Worst Contact.

Follow the quest and convince Udom Bedford to clear Jessie’s debt by paying it off yourself or using a dialogue check. Go back to complete the quest and then talk to Ellie again when you’re done. Just make sure to choose the options to have her join your crew.


Once you get the Unreliable, head upstairs to where the rooms are and check the one lit up green. Examine the cleaning robot inside and you’ll get a prompt to ask ADA about it.

Do so, then examine the terminal in your room, and your next objective will be to head to Roseway. Once there just follow the quest marker to get the Acid Steeper. Take it back to the robot on your ship and SAM will join you.


When you arrive in Stellar Bay on Monarch, head to The Yacht Club straight ahead from the elevator. Talk to Nyoka there and take her quest.

It’s easy to get her caffeine pills with a dialogue check, or you can simply steal them. Go back and Nyoka will become your guide, thereby joining your crew.

Best Companions To Use

Now that you have all six companions, you’ll probably want to know who to take with you on your adventures. Well, that’s a bit of a tough question to answer as each companion is very similar, with the same basic perks and the ability to equip the same weapons/armor.

While it mostly boils down to who you like the best, there are still a couple things to take into account.

Each companion has basically the same perk tree, except for one perk in the first row that bumps up a stat of yours. This differs between characters and applies to their skill set, like Max giving you +10 to hacking or SAM giving you +10 to Intimidation.

Investing in that perk can be a good way to supplement your own skills, or account for a weakness. So if you need a little boost in hacking for a quest, bring Max along.

The other thing to note is their companion skill, which is how you should build their loadout. For example, Ellie is more effective as a ranged character because of her gunslinging, while Parvati is great with melee because of her shock hammer skill.

Bringing companions along then works best when you bring characters that are the opposite of what you focus on. If you focus on melee bring Ellie, Nyoka, or Max. If you focus on ranged attacks bring Felix, Parvati, or SAM.

To sum up how to get all companions in Outer Worlds,

  1. Parvati

    Talk to her in the main quest on Edgewater.

  2. Vicar Max

    Talk to him in the church in Edgewater and complete his quest.

  3. Felix

    Talk to him when you arrive on Groundbreaker, and again when your return to your ship.

  4. Ellie

    Talk to her in the clinic on Groundbreaker and complete the quest.

  5. SAM

    Examine the robot upstairs on the Unreliable and complete the quest.

  6. Nyoka

    Talk to her at the Yacht Club in Stellar Bay and complete the quest.

For even more tips and info make sure to check out our Outer Worlds guide wiki. Here are a few others in the meantime.

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