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Outer Worlds: How to Increase Carry Capacity & Carry More Items

outer worlds carry capacity

Outer Worlds: How to Increase Carry Capacity & Carry More Items

Being encumbered in Outer Worlds is just a massive pain in the ass. Not only does it mean you can’t walk around at a normal speed, but you’re basically at the very limit of the amount of stuff you can carry, preventing you from fast traveling (without the right Perk, at least). Fortunately, there’s a way around all of this. Here’s how to increase carry capacity in Outer Worlds and carry more items.

Increasing Carry Capacity in Outer Worlds

There are actually a few ways you can increase how much you can carry in Outer Worlds both directly and indirectly. Down below, we’ve broken these down so you can mix and match whichever ones work best for you.


First things first, your companions in Outer Worlds will always enable you to carry more items. By default, they’ll increase your carrying capacity, though it’s not by a huge amount.

Furthermore, while every companion you acquire will have their own gear to start off with, you’ll want to upgrade this with weapons and armor from your inventory.

This will not only be more powerful, but will allow you to palm some of your gear off on them, reducing the overall carry weight of your inventory. If only by a little bit.

Pack Mule Perks

Your biggest boost to increasing carry capacity once you’ve set your character up in Outer Worlds are the Pack Mule perks.

There’s a ‘Pack Mule’ Perk in each of the three Tiers that they’re broken up into. We’ve listed them all below and included their descriptions so you know exactly what each one does:

  • Pack Mule – Tier 1 – Increases maximum capacity by 50kg.
  • Pack of Pack Mules – Tier 2 – Increased carrying capacity bonus from your companions. 40kg carry capacity bonus.
  • Super Pack Mule – Tier 3 – Increases carrying capacity by 100kg.

By investing in these perks alone, it’s possible to extend your Outer Worlds carry capacity by almost 200kg which is huge. Combine these with the following perk, too, and you’ll almost never have to worry about carrying items in the game ever again.

Hoarder Perk

Hoarder goes about allowing you to carry more items in a different way than the Pack Mule Perks. Rather than simply increasing your carry weight, the Hoarder Perk reduces consumable weight by 50%.

Granted, consumables tend not to weigh a huge amount in Outer Worlds, but when you’ve got a ton of them in your inventory just in case of emergencies, it can help you squeeze in that extra item or two that you’re so desperate to loot.

Use Your Ship’s Storage Container

If all else fails, keep in mind that you’ve always got the storage container on your ship that you can use. To find this, you’ll want to head to the Captain’s Quarters which can be found on the upper floor of the ship, directly above where you’ll find the AI.

Outer Worlds carry capacity

You’ll unlock this room once you’ve finished the main quest on Edgewater and are about to set off to your next planet. It’s a large yellow bin in the corner of this room, as shown in the screenshot above.

While it might not increase carry capacity in Outer Worlds, it does give you a place to put those items you’re not immediately using, but don’t want to just sell for Bits.

That’s everything you need to know about how to increase carry capacity in Outer Worlds and carry more items. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our Outer Worlds guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our guides below.

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