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Outer Worlds: All Rest N Go Keycard Locations

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Outer Worlds: All Rest N Go Keycard Locations

The Outer Worlds is filled with things to discover, from alternate side quests to hidden areas with valuable items. The Groundbreaker, in particular, has a lot of little areas to poke around, including the Rest N Go. With that, here are all Rest N Go keycard locations in Outer Worlds.

All Rest N Go Keycard Locations in Outer Worlds

There are three keycards to find for Rest N Go, each of which will open a different safe in the back room of the rest area. Needless to say, there are some valuable rewards in store for players that persevere.

1st Keycard

The first keycard is near the entrance of Groundbreaker, past the security office and just before you enter the promenade.

Enter at the docking bay and through customs. Then, as you pass the security office, look to your left for a doorway to a large room, then on the right side of that room another door to a small living quarters.

Head to the back of the room and look in the second cabinet from the right to find the keycard. Just be aware you are technically stealing it, so make sure no one sees.

2nd Rest N Go Keycard

The second keycard is easy enough to find, as it’s held by the clerk of the Rest N Go himself. The trick is getting it. You have two options; pickpocket the clerk or kill him.

Obviously, killing him should be the last choice, but it’s doable if no one is around. In order to pickpocket him you’ll need a stealth skill of 40, which you can get by using Skill Points when leveling up or boosting your skill with armor.

Simply use circle (B) to crouch, go up behind the clerk, and then hold the button to pickpocket. That’s it.

3rd Keycard

Head to the Spacer’s Choice shop in the promenade, the one where the clerk is wearing the crazy MoonMan helmet. Head to the back left of the shop and pick the lock to the back room, it only needs a measly 20 lockpicking.

Ahead, you’ll see a shelf with a defective MoonMan helmet on top. To get the keycard, look at the crate just to the right of the shelf, and tucked underneath that crate is the keycard.

Now go open the safes and you’ll get a nice haul of Bits, weapons, mods, consumables, and more.

To quickly sum up how to get all Rest N Go keycards in Outer Worlds.

  1. The first keycard can be found in a room just after the security office, on your left. Look in a cabinet at the end of the room.

  2. The Rest N Go clerk holds the second, so you’ll either have to kill him or pickpocket him.

  3. The third card is found in the storage room of the Spacer’s Choice shop on Groundbreaker. Look under the crate to the right of the bookshelf.

For even more tips and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our Outer Worlds guide wiki.

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