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Outer Worlds: How to Get to Roseway (Distress Signal)

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Outer Worlds: How to Get to Roseway (Distress Signal)

The Outer Worlds is the latest RPG title from Obsidian Entertainment, and it certainly wears its Fallout inspirations proudly on its sleeve. Roseway is one of the early game areas you’ll need to head to while playing through the story missions, but it’s not immediately obvious how you can get there. Here’s how to get to Roseway and use the distress signal in The Outer Worlds.

Getting the Distress Signal

Once you finish the first mission with Edgewater and the Deserters on Terra-2, you’ll head off to the Groundbreaker, where Phineas Welles has told you to go located a woman named Gladys.

In exchange for a nav key, Gladys wants you to investigate a distress signal from Roseway and see what’s going on there. You can also pay her 10,000 bits to get the nav key straightaway and skip having to do the mission, but it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll have that kind of cash at this point in the game.

Once you obtain the distress signal key item, head back to the Unreliable and talk to ADA. She’ll then play it back, and inform you that you can now head to Roseway.

How to Get to Roseway in The Outer Worlds

If you take a look at the navigation terminal next to ADA, you’ll see that there isn’t actually an option to go to Roseway on the map. That’s because the Roseway landing pad can only be accessed via one of the planet menus.

What you want to do here is select Terra-2, and you should see two options: the Edgewater landing pad, and the Roseway landing pad. Select the latter, and you’ll be off.

The main story campaign continues from here, where you’ll have to investigate the cause of the distress signal and see what the scientists have been up to in the meantime.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To recap, here’s how to get to Roseway in The Outer Worlds:

  1. Talk to Gladys on the Groundbreaker to get the distress signal key item.

  2. Talk to ADA on the Unreliable to play back the recording of the distress signal.

  3. Check your navigation terminal and select Terra-2, then select the Roseway landing pad.

That’s all you need to know about how to get to Roseway and use the distress signal item in The Outer Worlds. Be sure to search for Twinfinite and check our Outer Worlds guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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