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Concrete Genie: How to Distract Bullies

Concrete Genie distract bullies

Concrete Genie: How to Distract Bullies

Concrete Genie is the latest exclusive coming to the PS4. Players will guide Ash on an adventure to recover the scattered pages of his stolen sketchbook from bullies. Of course, as you might have guessed there are going to be times you run into them. Here’s how to distract bullies in Concrete Genie.

Distracting Bullies in Concrete Genie

There are going to be times as you help Ash recover all of his lost sketchbook pages where you’ll run into the bullies once again. You’ll need to distract them to get them out of the way of new areas and pages you need to collect. If you don’t, they’ll block your path and knock you off platformable objects.

They’ll also cause your Genies to stop moving, as they’ll only move around when Ash is the only one who can see them.

To distract bullies in Concrete Genie, simply press right on the d-pad. This will cause Ash to give out a quick shout, alerting them to his location and causing them to run down the street after him.

We actually advise distracting them when you’re on a rooftop, as bullies can’t climb up objects, so they’ll just run to the nearest possible spot on the street to Ash’s location. This then gives you the ability to quickly circle around them on the rooftops and reach your next objective.

You can choose to use this distraction technique when you’re in the streets, but this will cause the bullies to chase after you, and you’ll need to outrun them. This can take considerably longer than using the rooftops to your advantage, so be sure to do this.

Once they’ve moved out of the way, you’re then free to slip past with your Genies and continue on with your adventure.

That’s everything you need to know on how to distract bullies in Concrete Genie. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or have a look through some more of our guides below.

How do you distract bullies in Concrete Genie?

Press the right button on the d-pad to shout to alert the bullies to your location.

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