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Gears 5: Multiplayer Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Gears 5: Multiplayer Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Gears of War’s multiplayer has always been aggressive, tactical, and competitive, and that can make coming in as a beginner a pretty daunting and unforgiving experience. To try and give you a helping hand in the latest entry’s Versus mode, here are a few Gears 5 multiplayer tips and tricks to get you started.

The Lancer Is a Viable Option

Gears 5 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Okay, so for complete beginners, this might not make much sense, so let us explain. Back in Gears 4’s multiplayer, everything game pretty much devolved into pulling out the Gnasher Shotgun and getting up close to blast your enemy to smithereens.

In Gears 5, that’s changed, thanks to a few tweaks to the way the Lancer handles.

Simply put, the Lancer is far more accurate than it’s felt in previous entries, and as such, is much better at dealing damage to enemies, especially when aiming for the head from a distance.

This means that if you spot an opponent in the distance heading towards you, Gnasher at the ready, you can drop them before they even get to you.

Plus, if you can nail the perfect reload (spoilers for the next tip), it packs even more of a punch and can drop enemies easily if you can nail headshots.

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