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FIFA 20: How to Get Champions & Ultimate Edition Free Packs & OTW Player

Fifa 20 champions ultimate edition free packs otw player

FIFA 20: How to Get Champions & Ultimate Edition Free Packs & OTW Player

If you picked up either of FIFA 20‘s Ultimate or Champions editions or pre-ordered the standard copy, you’ll have some free packs to open up in Ultimate Team. Plus, there’s also a free One to Watch (OTW) Player that you can get if you pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, too. Here’s how to get FIFA 20 free packs and your OTW player.

Redeeming FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition & Champions Edition Free Packs

Physical Editions

If you picked up a physical copy of FIFA 20’s Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition, you should receive a code that you can redeem on the Xbox One’s Store. This can be accessed by heading to the ‘Home’ screen and then using RB to tab over to ‘Store.’

Select the ‘Use a Code’ option and enter the long string of letters and numbers. Press confirm and you’ll be all set.

For PS4 players, you’ll need to head to the PlayStation Store and go right towards the bottom of the left sidebar. You should see a ‘Redeem Code’ option here. Enter in the string of digits again and confirm that you want to redeem the content.

Digital Editions

If you pre-ordered or purchased the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition digitally, you won’t need to worry about the code. All of your bonus content that comes with these editions will be automatically downloaded and installed alongside the full game.

How Many Free Packs Does Every FIFA 20 Edition Include?

There are three different editions for FIFA 20, each offering a different amount of packs. The standard edition, if pre-ordered, grants three rare gold packs, distributed once a week for three weeks.

The Champions Edition is the middle edition of FIFA 20, and includes 12 rare gold packs. You’ll get one a week for 12 weeks.

Finally, the Ultimate Edition is the best and most expensive version of FIFA 20. It includes 24 rare gold packs for your Ultimate Team. You’ll get two a week for 12 weeks.

How to Get Your Free Packs In-Game – FIFA 20 Pre-Order & Bonus Packs Release Times

In terms of actually getting your hands on these free packs in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, these will go live at around the same time every week on a Sunday/ Monday (depending on where you are in the world).

Specifically, you’re looking at the following times:

Time ZoneFree Packs Release Time
Eastern TimeSundays, 8:00 PM
Pacific TimeSundays, 5:00 PM
GMT (UK Time)Mondays, 1:00 AM

How to Get FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition OTW Player

FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition OTW Player, FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition packs
FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition OTW Player

You’ll only be able to get the free, untradable One to Watch (OTW) player if you pre-ordered the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition before Aug. 5. If you didn’t, you’ll miss out on this early pre-order bonus.

If you did pre-order before this cut-off date, all you need to do is hang on until this Friday, Sept. 27, and the OTW player should appear in your Ultimate Team game mode when you load it up under your Packs.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition packs and the OTW player. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding FIFA 20 guide wiki, or check out more of our guides below.

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