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FIFA 20: How to Get Skill Points (Pro Clubs & Volta)

fifa 20 skill points

FIFA 20: How to Get Skill Points (Pro Clubs & Volta)

FIFA 20 brings two modes where players will be able to improve the stats and abilities of their player to turn them into one of the finest players to ever grace the pitch. Volta is more about the street football side of things, while Pro Clubs is a co-op focused mode that sees each person controlling a single player on the pitch and working together against their opposition. Here’s how to get Skill Points in FIFA 20.

Getting Skill Points in FIFA 20 Pro Clubs

To get skill points in FIFA 20’s Pro Clubs, it’s all about your performances on the pitch. You’ll be given a handful to invest in your player when you first create them in the game, and after that, you’ll have to earn skill points.

Scoring, getting assists, good team play, staying in position, completing passes, and beating players are just a few of the ways you can improve your player’s performance rating in a game of Pro Clubs, and the higher your rating, the more progress you’ll make towards to increasing your player’s stats generally.

However, when you level them up, you’ll also earn skill points to further specialize and tailor them to your style of play. That being said, the rate that skill points in FIFA 20’s Pro Clubs drop does slow down pretty quickly the higher your player’s overall rating.

Skill Points in Volta

FIFA 20 introduces players to Volta, a street football mode with a story complete with corny dialogue and voice acting. Still, if you’re looking to see it through to the end, you’ll need to earn yourself some skill points here, too.

They’re basically earned the exact same as they are in Pro Clubs. Simply continue to play games and perform well and you’ll increase the rate at which skill points will drop in Volta.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know on how to get skill points in FIFA 20. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki or check our guides below.

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