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Borderlands 3: Wildlife Conservation Explosives Locations

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Borderlands 3: Wildlife Conservation Explosives Locations

Borderlands 3 features a huge number of different missions and side quests, so we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that one or two of them might be bugged. That isn’t the case for the Wildlife Conservation mission, however, which has been stumping a number of players who can’t seem to tick off the last explosive location.

Having said Wildlife Conservation isn’t bugged, we’ll add a caveat to say that does appear to be some sort of glitch, but it won’t hinder your progress in any way. Allow us to explain.

There are five dynamite explosives locations to tick off in this mission. They all appear as large red dynamite symbols on the map, and for that reason, they shouldn’t be all that hard to track down.

The issue is that one of the dynamite stacks appears to be at the top of an unscalable rock formation. This is what’s throwing people off. As it turns out, though, this isn’t actually a dynamite stack. It’s an ECHO log –and not one that you need to complete the mission.

Explosives Locations in Wildlife Conservation

So, what do you need to worry about? Well, here are the exact locations you need to find to tick off this part of the mission.

  • The first one you’ll find is near the door at the very start of the map, on its right-hand side.
  • There’s one opposite the mine cart track, behind some barrels.
  • Another can be found in the northern section of the caves. Search for a box that’s tucked behind a pile of rocks and you’ll find it on top.
  • In the northeastern part of the caves, near a door that’s slightly ajar.
  • The trickiest one to find, it’s slightly hidden, leaning again a metal support beam. To get there, you’ll have to climb through a door that’s almost totally blocked by rocks. You can crouch through.

And there you have it. That should give you everything you need to know about where the Wildlife Conservation explosive locations are in Borderlands 3. For more useful tips and guides, be sure to check out our guide-wiki page.

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