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Borderlands 3: Best Vault Hunters; Which VH You Should Choose (Fl4K, Amara, Zane, Moze)

borderlands 3, which vault hunter should you choose

Borderlands 3: Best Vault Hunters; Which VH You Should Choose (Fl4K, Amara, Zane, Moze)

Borderlands 3, as is tradition now at this point, allows you to pick between four different vault hunter characters each with their own unique play style. In this guide we’re going to break down which Vault Hunter you should choose in Borderlands 3 between Fl4k, Amara, Zane and Moze.

First, we’re going to start with a general breakdown of each vault hunter character, and then we’ll give you our picks for which are the best vault hunters to use for both solo and group play.

Which Vault Hunter Should You Choose in Borderlands 3?


Fl4k is the Beastmaster and as you can probably figure out, she is the master of uh, beasts! She can bring out various different pets onto the battlefield each with their own different perks and special abilities. You can choose to have a Skag, Jabber, or Spiderant out at any given time.

The pets all have their own attacking style, and also passive abilities that will constantly help Fl4k out. For example, the Spiderant will regenerate health while the Skag will boost your damage.

Each of the pets can be upgraded to have new special abilities which can be helpful both in solo and team scenarios. The Skag, for example, can eventually be upgraded to knock certain enemies up in the air for a period of time, while the Jabber monkey can be upgraded to equip various guns.

As a result, Fl4k is one of the most versatile characters in the game since depending on which pet you use, you can alter your play style quite dramatically.


Amara is the melee-focused character of Borderlands 3, filling the void that Brick left. Unlike Brick though who used his fists directly most of the time, Amara is a Siren who can call on massive spectral fists of sorts to preform certain helpful actions in combat, or just to hulk-smash something to death.

You can lean into that fantasy further by going with the Brawl skill tree which enhances various aspects of her melee combat such as increased melee damage and health.

If you want to mix things up a bit, Amara has skill trees that focus on elemental damage and crowd control instead, so she’s certainly not locked into a melee style of play if you don’t want to go that route, but do want to play as a Siren again.


Zane is the operative and he brings high-tech skills to Borderlands 3 which can help control the action on the battlefield.

Zane has three key tech action skills which will help in battle. First there’s the Barrier which not only shields allies from attacks, but also increases the damage of anyone that’s shooting through it and can also be upgraded to pass along shield mod buffs too.

Hitman summons a drone which can be upgraded to preform all kinds of tasks such as attacking, buffing Zane, and cryo freezing enemies. This is definitely the offensive focused tree for Zane.

Finally there’s the Digi-clone action skill which, as you can probably guess, summons a clone of yourself. Which can be used as a distraction to confuse enemies, and can also allow you to swap places with it too, which can lead to some advanced tactical moves.


Finally there is Moze. Moze is a Gunner with a mech, and her sole purpose is to just punish enemies with a wide variety of munitions. Her action skills all center around her mech which can be equipped with all kinds of weapons such as grenade and rocket launchers, miniguns, rail guns etc.

Her passive skills from the various skill trees focused on a variety of build themes such as party support, explosive crowd control, or stacking weapon types to boost your overall DPS.

Definitely consider Moze if you want to primarily focus on weapon-based offensive attacks and think controlling a mech with customizable weapons sounds fun (spoilers: it is).

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