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Astral Chain: How to Lock On


Astral Chain: How to Lock On

Like the rest of Platinum Games’ catalogue, Astral Chain is a fast-paced action-focused game that will see your character running all over the battlefield for the next kill. The game can get quite chaotic in its display of lights and enemies, and for that reason, you’re going to want to lock on. Here’s how to lock on in Astral Chain.

When you first begin Astral Chain, combat might be a breeze, especially if you’re familiar with Platinum Games’ style of combat. However, it’s a new way of fighting, so it might be difficult for others. Regardless of which boat you’re in, it’s essential to learn how to lock on.

The game will throw a slew of button combinations and tutorials at you throughout the opening hours and as you’d expect, it’s easy to lose track of what you learned an hour ago and what the game taught you just five minutes ago. That’s why we’re here.

Here’s How to Lock On in Astral Chain

To lock on to an enemy, simply press down on the right stick of your chosen Nintendo Switch controller. Be it the Pro controller, a Joy-Con, or a third-party controller, pressing down on the right stick will always be what you need to do to lock on to an enemy.

To disengage the lock on, just click the right stick down again. If you want to switch targets, flick the right stick in the direction of your choice to swap between enemies.

Lock OnClick right stick down
Disengage Lock OnClick right stick down again
Switch targetsFlick right stick in direction of enemy

Once you’ve mastered locking on to enemies, you’ll be prepared for the frenetic and chaotic action of Astral Chain.

That’s it for our guide on how to lock on to enemies in Astral Chain.

lock on to enemies astral chain

For more information about Astral Chain, be sure to check out our Astral Chain Guide Wiki on Twinfinite where we’ve got tips, tricks, walkthroughs, guides and more. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides for you down below.

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