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Astral Chain: What Empty Cans Are Used For & How to Get Them

astral chain empty cans

Astral Chain: What Empty Cans Are Used For & How to Get Them

There are a bunch of different items you’ll no doubt come across when playing through Astral Chain, and Empty Cans are one of them. If you’re curious as to what the heck these are used for, or just how to get more of them, you’re in the right place. Here’s what empty cans are used for in Astral Chain.

What Empty Cans Are Used For in Astral Chain

  1. Distractions in Stealth Segments

  2. Distracting Angry Cats

  3. Recycle Them

There are a few things you can use empty cans for in Astral Chain. First and foremost, we recommend that you always have at least a couple in your inventory at all times.

That’s because Astral Chain has a few stealth segments, and they can be used to distract enemies during these sections. All you need to do is equip the item and then press X on Switch to throw them.

If throwing cans as distractions is your kind of jam, then you’ll be delighted to know you can use them to distract angry cats in Astral Chain, too. This will enable you to rescue them, allowing you to add them to your collection of feline friends.

The last thing to do with them is all part of your duties as an officer of the law. You can recycle them by heading over to a trash can and pressing A to recycle one can in your inventory.

Hitting the button over and over quickly will repeat this action, and you’ll get a tiny bit of G (money) for each one, increasing your score in the File you’re playing.

How to Get Empty Cans in Astral Chain

They will generally just be littered around certain areas, but the best place to go if you want to farm empty cans is Harmony Square. You can pick up a bunch of empty cans that people have thrown on the ground here.

That’s everything you need to know on what empty cans do in Astral Chain and how to get them. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our guide wiki. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides for you down below.

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