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Pokemon Rumble Rush: How to Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Rumble Rush, how to catch pokemon

Pokemon Rumble Rush: How to Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Rumble Rush is the fifth entry in the ten-year-long spin-off series but this is the first time that the game has come to mobile devices. Being free to play, there some differences from the other entries but if you were wondering how to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble Rush, it’s not too much different from past games. Here’s everything you need to know.

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble Rush

Catching Pokemon is pretty much the most important part of Rumble Rush as you will be blocked off from certain boss batles unless you catch a Pokemon with a certain number of CP. These battle requirements mean that you have to go out into one of the stages and hope to get a powerful Pocket Monster.

If you press on the Adventure button and then the Search icon, you’ll be able to choose an area to investigate. If you don’t have any Guide Feathers to search for a new area, there should be levels already pinpointed on the map for you.

Once you’re in a stage, you will no doubt come into contact with dozens of other Pokemon. To defeat them, you just have to time your attacks by pressing and/or holding your screen.

Most of them will disappear once defeated but there will be random Pokemon that will shrink into a toy, letting you capture it and add it to your team. Once the Pokemon is tiny, it’s automatically captured so you don’t have to do anything else.

Like other Pokemon Rumble games, this method of capture seems to work exactly the same way –it’s completely randomized. If you want to capture a specific species of Pokemon, you’re going to have to grind and fight the Pokemon over and over until it’s yours.

And that’s pretty much all you have to know about how to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble Rush. For more on the new mobile game as well as features, quizzes, opinion pieces, and more, just search Twinfinite. If you have any questions about this guide, feel free to drop us a question down below in the comments section.

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