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Fire Emblem Three Houses: How to Heal

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Fire Emblem Three Houses: How to Heal

The healing role in Fire Emblem Three Houses is just as important as it has ever been in this franchise. If you’re playing with permadeath on, then you better get your support units ready to save your best and favorite characters from an untimely demise. Here is how to heal in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

How to Heal in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Just like past games, there are a few different ways you can heal your units. Of course, you have your healers, but Vulneraries are a restorative item that can be used by anyone, and passive abilities can be a huge help too.

Students with a High Faith Stat

While battling in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you can use a specific unit to heal any characters who have taken damage. To get to this point, the unit must have a high enough Faith stat to gain access to healing magic. Anyone can build up this stat, but certain characters will grow faster in this category.

Once you’re close enough to cast the restoration spell on one of your teammates, you can then choose the Assist option. From this menu, you’ll be able to choose whichever healing spell is appropriate for the situation, then it’ll have you select your target and the restoration magic will be cast.


If your healers are not fast enough to get into the action in time, luckily there’s another option. There’s an item in Fire Emblem Three Houses known as a Vulnerary that can be used by any type of unit to mend a low HP bar.

It’s as easy as choosing the inventory option during your turn, selecting the Vulnerary, and then healing. Do keep in mind that your unit must have a Vulnerary in their inventory in order to use it.

Passive Abilities

Unlike the units that require a high enough Faith stat to gain access to restorative magic, some units have passive healing abilities. Unlike other skills, these are not assigned or earned via leveling up a character.

Units with healing passive abilities will have them from the outset. These skills include but aren’t limited to self-healing and team healing that occurs every turn.

That’s all there is to know about how to heal in Fire Emblem Three Houses. If you need any more pointers, then just check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses wiki for some answers.

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