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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Crash Cove N. Oxide Time Trial Tips


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Crash Cove N. Oxide Time Trial Tips

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is proving to be a wonderful trip down memory lane for many gamers that first experienced this kart classic many years ago. But many are struggling to topple Nitrous Oxide’s (the game’s antagonist) best course times in time trial mode. Today, we’ll help you figure out how to do it with our Crash Cove N. Oxide Time Trial tips in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

N. Oxide Time Trial Tips in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

*PB = Perfect Boost. Change your boost settings (Triangle on PS and Y on Xbox) so that your speedometer shows if you achieve a “FAIL”, “GOOD”, or “PERFECT” for your boost attempt.

Achieve a PB when the lights turn green and then immediately hop into 2 consecutive PBs facing left. Then drive to the left of the upcoming pillar and then go straight into 3 PBs facing left, as close to the wall on your left as you can.

After the corner, jump off the ramp at the top of its apex for maximum height and boost. After this comes the make-or-break part of your attempt as you need to nail the shortcut for this level perfectly.

As long as you’ve built-up good speed to this point, you should be able to briefly dip into the water on the left-most side, and your kart will need to jump onto the green hill. Gamer Guru has a helpful video you can look at right below if you’re having trouble.

However, once you’re in mid-air, position the kart so that when you land on the green hill, you dive straight back in 2-3 PBs turning left, so that when you’re finished you’d practically be falling off the bridge. Do those boosts and then do a PB to your right as this will get you back to the middle of the bridge, if you feel confident, then do an extra one.

At this point, your speed should be great, you should be second or two ahead of Oxide, and now it comes down to your cornering ability. So after that last PB to your right, you should now start concentrating on doing 3 PBs facing left, sticking as close to this wall on the left as you can.

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If at ANY point you feel you’re going to crash into this wall, just do one simple hop to straighten yourself. Hopping is a great way to regather your composure and find your rhythm again. When you feel you’re good, then get straight back into doing PBs around this corner.

A great tip here is to NOT avoid the grass. EMBRACE the grass. With the roaring fire coming out of your kart, you will seamlessly brush through it with the key point here being that you’re shaving off precious time here. Oxide is aggressive, but he’s not that aggressive, capitalize on this!

Once you’ve gone around the final left turn, remembering to keep close to that wall, keep doing PBs until you get to the first turbo boost. As soon as you’ve hit that, swing into a couple of PBs going to the right, so that you then catch the second turbo boost.

After that, you’ll cross the finishing line and can then rinse and repeat everything you’ve just done; with the added bonus that you’re now going very fast. Just maintain your concentration for 3 laps and you should be successful with this method.

Good luck!

Nitrous Oxide Time: 1:27:52

My time :

CTR, Crash Cove, crash, ps4, oxide

That does it for our Crash Cove N. Oxide Time Trial Tips in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

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