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3 Games Like Super Mario Maker 2 If You’re Looking for Something Similar


3 Games Like Super Mario Maker 2 If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Games Like Super Mario Maker 2

Little Big Planet 3

games like super mario maker 2

The whole premise of Little Big Planet is that you can create pretty much any type of level. There are objects, items, and assets that are up for your grabs that allow the player to build the level of their dreams and come up with interesting concepts that other people can then jump online and play for themselves, perfect for those looking for games like Super Mario Maker 2.

It’s been quite a few years since Media Molecule has put out a new Little Big Planet game, but even if you jump into the third iteration that released back in 2014, there will be SO much user-generated content for you to check out. Get prepared to spend dozens, if not hundreds, of hours diving deep into what this 2D platformer has to offer.

Like, for example, a player has just recently created a Mario Maker 2 level editor inside of a LBP3 stage. If you were to show me this stage in the game, I would have immediately just assumed that it was actually Super Mario Maker 2, just because of how identical it appears at first.

If you jump into the game, you will see tons of content like that. The older titles were famous for people recreating sections of popular video games like Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Bros., and Dead Space –that’s just the cusp!

If you find yourself inspired by all of the crazy stages that people have made, you can always create some stuff yourself and hopefully, one day, you can share it with the amazing LBP community and get some attention!

And if you’ve already played through the LBP series and want to take it to the next level, then this next game might do the trick.

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