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Judgment: How to Charge EX Gauge

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Judgment: How to Charge EX Gauge

Judgment is the latest title from the team behind the Yakuza games, and it has just as much ridiculous over-the-top action. The game’s combat system is quite similar to that of Yakuza, but with a few key differences. In particular, this applies to EX Actions, which take the place of Heat Actions. Here’s how to charge the EX gauge in Judgment.

How to Charge EX Gauge in Judgment

As we said before, the EX Gauge essentially works in much the same way as the Heat Gauge does in Yakuza games, letting you unleash devastating EX attacks and enter EX Burst mode by pressing R2, bumping up Yagami’s attack power and combo speed.

The EX Gauge itself is wrapped around the portrait of Yagami’s attack style, where you’ll see the Tiger or Crane emblem. Each little section of the gauge is one EX use, with each one letting you use an EX attack.

EX Attacks will pop up with certain requirement in battle, like grabbing an enemy near a wall, and you can check all the EX actions you have by going to the Battle tab in the Skills menu, and going to the bottom.

Now when it comes to charging the gauge, you have a few more options in Judgment.

The first and most obvious way of charging up the EX gauge is by simply attacking enemies and taking damage. The gauge will slowly charge as you do this, and you can even unlock a skill to make it charge faster.

Go to the Skills menu and look at the Abilities tab, near the bottom you’ll see the Liquid Courage, Liquid Bravery, and Liquid Valor skills.

By investing in these you can significantly boost the rate your EX Gauge charges when your drunk. You can then buy alcohol at most restaurants, any Poppo store, or Don Quixote.

Other Skills That Charge EX

There are a couple of other skills that’ll help give you an EX boost as you wander around town.

For these head to the Special tab in the Skills menu. The first one is the Social Smoker skill, which then has two more iterations called Chain Smoker and Walking Fumigator.

These skills will charge you EX Gauge whenever you smoke a cigarette in a smoking area, like the one just outside Yoshida Batting Center or in the break room area in the Kamuro Theater.

The other option you have is the Friends Forever skill on the Special tab, which then turns into Best Friends Forever and Beyond Best Friends Forever. These skills will give you a nice little EX boost whenever one of your friends greets you in the city.

As you play through Judgment you’ll have the opportunity to make more and more friends, making it pretty common to see one every once in a while. This means that having these skills are a nice way to get a constant EX boost.

That’s everything you need to know about how to charge the EX Gauge in Judgment. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or check out our Judgment guide wiki.

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