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Fortnite Fortbyte 89: Flying Scarlet Strike Glider Through Rings East of Snobby Shores

fortnite fortbyte 89

Fortnite Fortbyte 89: Flying Scarlet Strike Glider Through Rings East of Snobby Shores

With another day comes another Fortbyte in the world of Fortnite Season 9. For Fortbyte 89, players will have to fly the Scarlet Strike glider through the rings ease of Snobby Shores. It’s a pretty straightforward one of these collectibles to get, but if you’re struggling to figure out how to get it, then we’ve broken it down step-by-step below.

How to Get Scarlet Strike Glider

fortnite scarlet strike glider

The Scarlet Strike glider is a reward for reaching Tier 39 on the paid Battle Pass in Fortnite Season 9. Once you’ve got it, simply head to the Locker tab and choose the ‘Glider’ option. Select it from your collection of gliders you’ve amassed over your time playing Fortnite and you’re ready to head into a game and get Fortbyte 89.

Where the Rings East of Snobby Shores for Fortbyte 89 Are in Fortnite

Now that we’ve got the Scarlet Strike glider, you need to make your way to the east of Snobby Shores. Specifically, you want to head to the north side of Viking Village, the tall mountain. Hop out as the Battle Bus approaches the northeast side and begin gliding down. Rather than rings, they’re actually triangles just east of Snobby Shores, but just glide through ’em for Fortbyte 89.

fortbyte 89 location

Glide your way through the three different triangles and within the last one, you’ll find Fortbyte 89 waiting for you. As long as you glide through all of Fortnite’s rings east of Snobby Shores, you’ll net yourself this Fortbyte to add to your collection. Congratulations, you’re yet again one step closer to netting the Utopia skin.

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