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Fortnite Fortbyte 76 Location: Behind a Historical Diorama in Insurance Building

fortbyte 76 location in Fortnite

Fortnite Fortbyte 76 Location: Behind a Historical Diorama in Insurance Building

It’s a new dawn and a new day, and that means there’s yet another Fortbyte to be found in Fortnite. Fortbyte 76 can be ‘found behind a historical diorama in an insurance building.’ If you’re struggling to track this down, fear not. Here’s everything you need to know to get it, broken down step-by-step.

Where the Historical Diorama in an Insurance Building Is for Fortbyte 76

fortbyte 76 map location

For this one, you’re going to have to make your way to Neo Tilted. For those who remember, the insurance building was a bit of a running joke in the world of Fortnite. Every time that Tilted Towers nearly got destroyed, it was always the insurance building that somehow took the brunt of the damage, and yet, when Tilted was entirely destroyed, it was the only one left standing.

where the insurance building is in Fortnite

As such, you’ll need to make your way towards Neo Tilted, specifically the building that can be found in grid coordinates D5. Land here, and you’ll want to land at the very bottom floor. Head through the entrance on the south of the building and you should come to the reception desk. Fortbyte 76 is hiding behind the historical diorama over to your right.

The historical diorama is actually one that depicts the demolition of old Tilted Towers by the volcano at the end of Season 8, and also includes good ol’ Kevin the Cube, because why not. You’ll find Fortbyte 76 hiding just behind the volcano on the right side of the historical diorama as you’re looking at it.

fortbyte 76 behind historical diorama

As always, just walk on over to it, and press and hold X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, Y on Nintendo Switch, and E on PC to collect it and uncover another piece of the mystery of Fortnite Season 9. Be warned, there’s a ton of people going for this at the moment, so chances are if you’re not quick you’ll die at the hands of someone fairly early on.

That’s all you need to know to track down Fortbyte 76’s location behind the historical diorama in an insurance building in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 9 guide wiki.

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