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Fortnite: Desert Race Track, Snowy Race Track & Grasslands Race Track Locations (Week 5 Challenge)


Fortnite: Desert Race Track, Snowy Race Track & Grasslands Race Track Locations (Week 5 Challenge)

Fortnite’s week 5 challenges have just dropped in Season 9, and if you’re trying to level up your Battle Pass to Tier 100, you’ll likely want to complete them all for all of those precious Battle Stars. One of the challenges tasks players to ‘Complete a Lap of a Desert Race Track, Snowy Race Track, and Grasslands Race Track.‘ Here are the locations for all three racetracks on Fortnite’s map.

Where the Desert, Snowy, and Grasslands Race Tracks Are in Fortnite

If you’re looking for a quick and easy cheat sheet sort of map highlighting all of the locations of these three race tracks in Fortnite, we’ve marked them all on your map below. The numbers correspond to the key of race tracks down below, though it should be fairly obvious which is which just by which biome of the map they can be found in.

  1. Desert Race Track
  2. Snowy Race Track
  3. Grasslands Race Track

fortnite race track locations week 5 challenge

If you’re looking for more specific instructions on where to find each race track in Fortnite, alongside some details on how to start and complete a lap of each one, carry on reading.

Desert Race Track in Fortnite – J6 & J7

fortnite desert race track

The desert race track referred to in the week 5 challenges is good ol’ GUS, that’s been there pretty much from the beginning of Battle Royale. It’s pretty easy to spot on the map, and you’ll want to land in the northwest section of it by the large building to find the starting line.

Hop in any of the vehicles either on the track or in the surrounding location and wait for the lights to go from red to green at the starting line. As soon as they do, drive around the track until you get back to the beginning. That’s all there is to completing this one.

Snowy Race Track – C9

snowy race track location

The snowy race track can be found in grid reference C9, just northwest of Happy Hamlet. It’s also where we went to complete a lap back in Season 8 where we had to go and speed through all the hoops that appeared on the track. Your best bet here is to hop into one of the Ballers at the start of the racetrack in the northeast section of this racetrack, right by the large time trial board.

snowy race track complete lap

Use this to zip around and if necessary, glide your way through the various rings that appear on the track once again. If you do have to go through any rings in the air, be sure to use your Ballers grappler to grip onto ledges and arches above you to propel yourself through the rings. Return to the finish line and you’re all done with stage 2 of this week 5 challenge.

Grasslands Race Track – C1 & C2

Fortnite Grasslands Race track

The grasslands race track in Fortnite can be found in grid coordinates C1 and C2 and is directly east from Junk Junction, just off the actual path that leads there. Follow this round and you’ll run into it. The starting line is right by the large building, and once again you’ll find hoverboards this time waiting there for you to hop onto. Do so, wait for the lights to go green, and off you go.

This track is fairly simple, just like the others and is more or less a straight circle around the building after veering off towards the start. Head through the rings that appear, take your time, and you’ll have this challenge completed in no time.

That’s all you need to know to complete laps of the desert race track, snowy race track, and grasslands race track in Fortnite. Don’t forget, once you’ve completed all of the week 5 challenges, you’ll unlock the week 5 loading screen and can track down the week 5 secret battle star, which we’ve already got the location for.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Season 9 guide wiki. We’ve also included guides for the most recent Fortbytes down below for your convenience.

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