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Dauntless Cell Fusion Guide: How to Get High Level Cells, Speed Up Fusion & What They Do

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Dauntless Cell Fusion Guide: How to Get High Level Cells, Speed Up Fusion & What They Do

Developed by Phoenix Labs and published by Epic Games, Dauntless is the latest online monster hunting game released for PC and consoles. Here’s how Cell Fusion works in Dauntless, and how you can get high-level Cells quickly.

How Cell Fusion Works in Dauntless and How to Get High-Level Cells

What Cells Do

Cells are basically like mods that can be used to enhance the perks and power of your weapons and armor in Dauntless.

Simply farming materials to craft powerful gear isn’t enough in the game; you’ll also want to fit them with Cells and mods to make them even more effective in battle, and Cell Fusion becomes much more important in the late-game phases.

How to Get High-Level Cells

Regular Cells are obtained pretty easily, and you’ll get them simply by playing through the game naturally. You’re rewarded with cores for completing hunts, completing weekly and daily bounties, and completing late-game missions.

Cores have a good chance of rewarding you with Cells, and most of the higher level hunts will also reward you with Cells.

However, getting high-level Cells isn’t as straightforward, and requires you to interact with the Middleman NPC found in Ramsgate. When you talk to him, you’ll have the option of merging two Cells to create a high-level one. As you might expect, the high-level Cells will offer you even more powerful perks and enhancements for your gear.

How to Use Cell Fusion

To perform Cell Fusion, talk to the Middleman and choose the Fuse Cells option. The first Cell slot is reserved for the specific Cell you want to upgrade, while the second slot is reserved for the Cell you want to use as the catalyst.

Hand over the two Cells you want to use for Fusion, and you’ll just have to wait a few real world days (depending on Cell rarity) for the process to complete. One important thing to note is that the two Cells you use for Fusion need to be of the same rarity tier. We’ve listed down below how long Cell Fusion takes for each rarity down below.

  • Fusing Common (Green) Cells for a Blue Cell – 24 Hours
  • Fusing Uncommon (Blue) Cells for a Purple Cell – 48 Hours
  • Fusing Epic (Purple) Cells for a Higher Level Cell – 72 Hours

If you don’t want to wait, you can also pay real cash to speed up the process. This is done by purchasing Ace Chips with the premium Platinum currency, and using the Chips to skip the waiting period. Each Ace Chip you hand over will reduce the time the process takes to complete by one hour. The cost of purchasing Ace Chips with Platinum is listed down below:

  • 50 Middleman Ace Chips – 300 Platinum
  • 200 Middleman Ace Chips – 1100 Platinum
  • 1,000 Middleman Ace Chips – 5100 Platinum

That’s all you need to know about how Cell Fusion works in Dauntless, and how you can get high-level Cells. Be sure to check our Dauntless guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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