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Rage 2: How to Use Overdrive & What It Does

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Rage 2: How to Use Overdrive & What It Does

Considering how over the top Rage 2’s promotional material has made the game out to be, it is really no surprise that the game has an ability known as Overdrive. This feature is key to causing as much mayhem as physically possible in the game, so we’ve got your hook-up on everything you need to know about how to use Overdrive and what it does in Rage 2.

How to Use Overdrive & What It Does in Rage 2

Whether you’re killing them with guns, cars, or even your fists, Rage 2 has a lot of crazy enemies just waiting for a fight. Unfortunately for them, not only is Walker, the game’s protagonist, better equipped, he might be even crazier than they are.

How To Use Overdrive

This sentiment is reinforced with the ability he carries, simply known as Overdrive. To activate this suit modification, you’ll need to keep an eye on the skull icon on the bottom left portion of the screen. The skull will fill up as you simply fight and kill enemies.

Once the skull is full, price R1 and L1 simultaneously to activate Overdrive. What exactly does this do you may ask?

What It Does

Simply put, Overdrive substantially ups your character’s damage output and increase their overall health. Situations that may have seemed dire before are a cakewalk after you activate this ability.

Alongside overall better damage and health, Walker gains a couple of other benefits. While in Overdrive his health begins to regenerate and enemies drop better loot.

The more kills and abilities you chain together, the quicker Walker’s meter will refill as well, possibly resulting in endless mayhem.

Now that you know everything about what Overdrive and how to activate it, you’ll be tearing through the apocalypse in no time.

That covers everything you need to know about how to use Overdrive in Rage 2. For more helpful guides, news, and features about Rage 2, be sure to search Twinfinite and our every-expanding Rage 2 guides wiki.

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