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Rage 2: How to Get the Settler Pistol

rage 2, settler pistol

Rage 2: How to Get the Settler Pistol

In Rage 2, the Settler Pistol is a pre-order bonus weapon that you can obtain at a certain part in the game. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering exactly when and where you get the Settler Pistol in Rage 2. It’s not something that you can just waltz up to and obtain, you’ll need to fulfill a certain amount of conditions first. Here’s everything that you need to know.

Getting the Settler Pistol in Rage 2

To get the Settler Pistol in Rage 2, you need to complete the bonus mission Cult of the Death God when it becomes available to you in the game’s world.

This mission itself is a pre-order bonus so you’ll need to have bought into that in order to have the opportunity to complete it and reap its rewards.

If you didn’t, you won’t be able to start the quest.

All you need to do is take this mission on, complete it and you’ll get the Settler Pistol as a reward in the mission in addition to obtaining your other pre-order bonus, Nicholas Raine armor.

Pre-ordering Rage 2

If you didn’t pre-order Rage 2, you might be out of luck. We cannot confirm if and/or when Avalanche Studios and Bethesda will make the Settler Pistol and other exclusive content available either to obtain in-game or purchase at least.

It may forever remain exclusive to those that pre-ordered the game, so if you somehow can still wrangle a pre-order/day 1 edition of Rage 2, do so because time is pretty much up for that one.

That is everything you need to know about how to get the Settler Pistol in Rage 2.

For more information on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide which is filled with tips, tricks, and more FAQs answered to make your life exploring this uncharacteristically pink apocalyptic world that much easier to navigate and explore.

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