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Rage 2: Where to Find BFG 9000 Location

BFG location

Rage 2: Where to Find BFG 9000 Location

Rage 2’s gunplay is just about as slick as you’d expect from id Software, and if you’ve played one of the recent DOOM games then you’ll be well up to speed with what to expect. It’s chaotic, intense, and whimsically violent. There’s also a fun nod to the DOOM games in the form of one of its most iconic weapons. Here’s where to find the BFG location in Rage 2.

How to Get The BFG in Rage 2

First things first, unfortunately for those that don’t have the deluxe edition, there’s no way to get the BFG 9000. The weapon is only available if you have purchased that edition of the game.

For those that do, you’ll need to link up your Bethesda account (must be an active account) from the main menu of the game. From there, reboot the game and reload your save. You should see a pre-order bonus message pop up with instructions on where to find the BFG 9000.

If you’d rather we just tell you, though, that’s no worries!

You’ll need to head to a meteor crater just outside of Vineland. It’s basically due north from where you begin the game at a crossroads (about 600 meters north). As you approach the area a meteor will fall from the sky –guess what’s inside?

BFG 9000

Simply head towards the location and you will see it laying on the ground. You will have to head into a town to purchase some ammunition before you can start ripping apart Goons, though.

How to Get More BFG 9000 Ammo

Unlike most of the other types of ammo in the game, BFG 9000 ammo does not drop from enemies and you’re not going to find it in crates throughout the world.

Instead, you’ll need to head to the ammo vendor in Wellspring. If you head there and wander to the market area and look for a sign that says ‘Boom’ you’ll be able to locate the store that sells BFG 9000 ammo.

rage 2, bfg 9000

The weapon only hold seven rounds, and they’ll cost you $1000 each to purchase, so don’t go round using them all on basic enemies, unless you’ve got mountains of money to waste.

That’s everything you should need to know about where to find the BFG location is in Rage 2. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out our wiki page. We’ll be adding more content to it in the coming days as we continue our adventure across the wastelands.

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