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Overcooked: How Many Levels There Are

Overcooked, How Many Levels There Are

Overcooked: How Many Levels There Are

Given the unique gameplay experience Overcooked provides to players, many might be wondering how many levels there are in the game and how long they can expect to stay in the game’s world. So here’s how many levels there are in Overcooked.

How Many Levels There Are in Overcooked

Tasking players with preparing meals in a limited amount of time while also avoiding different obstacles that get in their way, Overcooked is a much meatier experience than most people would expect.

Attempting to clear each level by delivering an adequate amount of orders, while also trying to reach a certain rank for each level earned through speed and efficiency, can provide plenty of hours of fun for players who really get into the experience.

At the same time though, some might be looking for a shorter experience, and as such may want to know how long they can expect to strap in for what Overcooked has to offer.

Either way, we’ve tallied the full number of levels the game provides, and it’s a surprisingly meaty experience.

How Long it Takes to Beat Every level in Overcooked

In total, Overcooked has 45 levels: Including the tutorial level, 31 are tied to the main game, and 14 more can be played via the game’s two DLC packs.

Each level sticks to the same “prepare food quickly” framework, but with the different obstacles or challenges each individual level provides, it can take some time to figure them out and head to the next stage.

As a result, players can look forward to being immersed in Overcooked for anywhere between 15 and 20 hours, depending on how quickly they can complete each level and whether or not they attempt to complete its side content.

This may seem lengthy for those who hoped for a more bite-sized experience, but for everyone else it means the game will keep them occupied for quite a while.

Hopefully, this cleared up how many levels there are in Overcooked. For more on the Overcooked series, check out the info on Overcooked 2’s Chinese New Year update.

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