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Outer Wilds: How to Get to the Sun Station

how to get to the sun station in outer wilds

Outer Wilds: How to Get to the Sun Station

As you make your way through Outer Wilds’ main narrative and uncover more of what the Nomiad race was up to within the solar system, you’ll begin to see mentions of a Sun Station. Exactly what it was used for we won’t spoil here, but you can see it orbiting the sun from the beginning of the game. Here’s how to get to the Sun Station in Outer Wilds.

Getting to the Sun Station in Outer Wilds

First things first, it’s worth noting that there are two different ways you can make your way to the Sun Station, but only one of them is really advisable to try unless you’re a real seasoned pro at flying your ship in Outer Wilds. We’ve run you through the easiest method of getting there down below.

You’re going to want to make your way to Ash Twin. This can be found orbiting fairly close to the sun in the solar system, and right next to Ember Twin. It looks like a planet of just sand from space, and at the very beginning of each time loop, it is.

However, after a while, you’ll see a column of sand passing from the surface of Ash Twin to Ember Twin.

This sand column is actually moving sand off the surface of Ash Twin and filling in the core and depths of Ember Twin. As the sand level lowers on Ash Twin, you’ll be able to make out a number of towers.

The one you’re looking for in order to get to the Sun Station is the one shown in the image below, and it just so happens to look like a sun from above.

how to get to sun station in outer wilds

Once you spot this, you’ll want to wait for the sand to continue draining off the surface of the planet. You’ll eventually see the bridge that can also be seen in the screenshot above, but this leads to a broken entrance.

Instead, you want to make your way around to the other side of the Sun Station tower and keep an eye out for a column of torches revealing themselves.

You should soon see another entrance appear. Head into this as soon as you possibly can and take the path around to the right. If you leave it too late, the path inside the Sun Station tower will be filled with cacti that you cannot pass.

However, go in as soon as you possibly can and the sand will still cover them, allowing you to walk your way through.

Follow the path round from the right and you’ll end up reaching a grav portal. Head through this and you’ll then find yourself in a room with a black hole warp core in the floor. Stand on this and look up towards the top of the tower.

Once the sun appears through the top of the tower, the warp platform will activate and you’ll be taken straight to the Sun Station.

Another Way to Get to the Sun Station in Outer Wilds

If you’d rather test your flight skills, it is possible to fly straight to the Sun Station orbiting the sun. However, it’s worth noting that it’s orbiting at a very fast pace and from our attempts is incredibly difficult to land on it without crashing into the sun.

You’ll need to line up your ship with the station’s orbit and get your velocity and timing perfect if you’re going to succeed.

Based on our attempts to do this, we’d advise simply just using the warp tower on Ash Twin to make your way to the Sun Station. It’s far easier to get there once you know how to navigate the path filled with cacti. It’s all about the timing.

That’s all you need to know to get to the Sun Station in Outer Wilds. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve also included some more of our guides down below because we’re good like that.

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